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How to Find the Best Italian Delivery Dishes for Any Occasion

Italian delivery dishes are easy for a light lunch or a hearty dinner. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best restaurants that offer delicious meals ready to be delivered to your door.

They also make great gifts for friends, family, bosses, and coworkers. Italian gifts are the way to go if you’re looking for a gourmet thank-you gift, a festive holiday gift, or a thoughtful care package.

Linguini with Manilla Clams

The Linguini with Manilla Clams is an easy classic Italian seafood dinner that only takes 30 minutes to make. It uses mostly pantry ingredients and is perfect for a quick weeknight meal or an elegant dinner party.

A simple clam broth made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and white wine is paired with fresh littleneck or Manila clams for a flavorful pasta dish that will please the whole family. The sauce is delicious but also great with spaghetti and a bowl of whole wheat bread to soak up the juices.

If you have never eaten this linguine recipe, you will be surprised by how quick and easy it is to prepare! The best thing about this recipe is that you can prep the clam broth and the linguine ahead of time and have a delicious and hearty pasta dish ready to go when it’s time to serve.

This dish is great for any occasion, and you can serve it with a side of garlic toast to make it even more hearty. It’s also delicious and served with a big green salad for a complete meal.

To start, you will need to boil the pasta and water. This will give the linguine a good texture before it is added to the sauce. Once the linguine is cooked, add it to the clam broth and stir until coated.

When the linguine is finished cooking, you must stir in the butter. You can use a few pieces at a time as you mix the pasta into the sauce until it is fully incorporated.

Once the linguine is fully absorbed into the sauce, you can remove it from the pot and transfer it to a large serving bowl. Top with the clams and sprinkle with some parsley, if desired.


When looking for the best Italian delivery dish that’s light, frothy, and delicious, look no further than the Zabaglione. This classic dessert is perfect for any occasion and can be served warm or chilled, depending on your preference.

Traditionally prepared in a double boiler, zabaglione is simple to make and can be enjoyed at any time of year. You’ll only need a few ingredients, including egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine, and an elegant dessert will be ready in no time.

Start by combining the egg yolks with sugar and beating them until smooth and frothy, then pour in the Marsala. Then set the bowl over a pan of barely simmering water and constantly whisk to prevent curdling. Once the mixture thickens, remove the bowl from the pan and continue whisking.

The mixture will eventually reach the ribbon stage, at which you can lift the bowl off the water and see that it leaves a ribbon-like trail when you let it fall. This is when you’re sure to know that your zabaglione is done.

Once the zabaglione is finished cooking, it’s easy to enjoy on its own or as a garnish for other Italian desserts like cookies and fruit. You can also add heavy cream to the zabaglione and freeze it into an indulgent ice cream treat.

Another tip for ensuring that your zabaglione is cooked to the proper temperature is to use an instant-read thermometer. It would help to never let the eggs cook in contact with heat longer than they can safely handle, so ensure your zabaglione reaches 165degF before serving it.

When ready to serve the zabaglione, it can be topped with berries or chocolate shavings for a classic Italian dessert. It’s a delicious option for any occasion, and you can easily find it in many Italian delivery restaurants.

Vitello Alla Boscaiola

The Vitello Alla Boscaiola is a delicious Italian dish sure to please anyone who loves pasta. This dish is bursting with flavors and textures that are truly unique. The cremini and porcini mushrooms create a woodsy flavor profile that is just divine. The piney rosemary and crumbled pork sausage also add to the flavor, creating a satisfying dish that is easy to prepare.

This dish has many different versions, but they all share a similar taste and texture. The mushrooms are simmered in a tomato-based white wine cream sauce and then tossed with al dente pasta. Then, fresh rosemary and grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese are sprinkled over the top.

This dish is a fantastic choice for any occasion, especially if you want a hearty meal that will satisfy you. It can be made in about 35 minutes and is perfect for fall or winter so that you can enjoy it even during the chilly months.

For an extra special touch, add a few parmesan slices to your dish! It will enhance the flavor and make it even more decadent.

Another great option is to order this dish with a side of Bietola. This sauteed Swiss chard is accompanied by garlic and extra virgin olive oil, making it an excellent addition to any Italian dish.

Try using vegetable oil instead of traditional butter to make this recipe healthier. This will also help to ensure that the dish is gluten-free.

You can also add chicken or shrimp to the recipe, increasing the amount of protein in your meal. The ingredients in this dish are all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about any allergies or intolerances.