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How things will change the way you approach wholesale nuts supplier

It must be said that pumpkin seeds can be very well or very poorly evaluated. You shouldn’t just look at the top grades for pumpkin seeds. Just because ofseveral positive ratings, it can be said that it happens to be a good quality product.

Nutritional value: Highlights the content of vitamin E, linoleic acid, iron, magnesium and a lot of phosphorus. Thanks to their zinc content, they stimulate the immune system, which is why they are especially suitable for older people. They also provide us with essential fatty acids and are diuretic. It also contains an alkaloid-type active principle with vermifuge properties such as garlic, which paralyzes the worms that parasitize the intestine, such as tapeworms. Pumpkin seeds are one of the few seeds that contains a large amount of chlorophyll. Therefore, to maintain their green color, they must be lightly toasted. Contains large amount of oil.

Pumpkin Seeds of nutstopis one of those ingredients that you can use as a complement to recipes of all kinds. From salads to yogurts to desserts, they will pair perfectly and offer a number of valuable nutritional benefits.

Why use them?

One of the most remarkable characteristics of nutstop Pumpkin Seeds is its high content of essential fatty acids, such as omega 3 and omega 6. Its presence is ideal to fight against one of the most pressing health problems today: excess cholesterol. It also offers significant doses of vitamins A and E, with their antioxidant power.

On the other hand, these pumpkin seeds are very rich in protein, with a 30.23% protein concentration that makes them very useful in sports diets. Such an important contribution acts directly on the structural health of the muscular system, allowing the muscles to perform at their best.

The fiber of Pumpkin Seeds has a very useful satiating power when following a diet, in addition to improving intestinal transit.

All these benefits are enhanced by a determining factor

NutstopPumpkin Seeds is a 100% natural and ecological product. Natural because it only contains pumpkin seeds, without any additive; and ecological because they come from organic agriculture, thus contributing to the creation of sustainable consumption habits.