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Different Cuisines of India

India is a vast land that has different languages, religions as well as cuisines. This has mainly resulted from the diversity of the people who live in this great nation. The best part of India is that there is unity in diversity and this is reflected in the different cuisines among the different communities. Hence, we should definitely learn about the different cuisines of India.

These cuisines can be broadly divided into the four geographically distinct regions of the country. The North includes Punjabi and Mughlai cuisine that is especially popular not only in India but all over the world. The East includes Bengali cuisine placed in its epicenter of Kolkata. From the West, we have Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine. However, it is in South India where there is the greatest amount of regional variation. Here we have Tamilian, Andhra and Kerala cuisine that is famous all over the country.

This article gives you an overview of the main cuisines mentioned above. In addition to this, we provide you with additional information on the history of the development of this cuisine and also the famous dishes that are associated with the respective cuisines. This will help you get the required information in a jiffy all available in one place. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala is a renowned food blogger based in Kolkata who will keep you informed about all the different gastronomic delights of the world all served in a platter to you.

Read on to find out more about the cuisines that are found in India so that you can take your pick the next time you visit a restaurant.

1.     Punjabi Cuisine

Punjabi cuisine is definitely the most popular cuisine of India. From chicken butter masala to sarson da saag, all Punjabi dishes have become world famous. This cuisine is generally hot and spicy although Punjabis are famous for their sweets as well. Punjabi food is extremely rich in flavors and also clarified butter or ghee. There is a vast smorgasbord of dishes like chicken tikka masala, chicken tandoori, mutton rogan josh that are absolutely irresistible for non-vegetarian lovers. For vegetarians, we have aloo paratha, gobi ka paratha, sarson ka saag, rajma chawal and kadhi that are truly delectable dishes. In short, Punjabi cuisine is so varied and comprehensive that it definitely has something for everyone.

2.     Mughlai Cuisine

Mughlai cuisine is another cuisine that is extremely popular all over the globe. This type of cuisine was developed from the times of the Mughal Era and was even influenced by the various types of European cooking namely, French and Portuguese cuisines. The Mughals were most famous for their biryani and this has come directly from the Persian kitchens. In fact, the word biryani has come from the Persian word beryan that means to bake. Soola is meat that is barbequed to perfection. It is a famous specialty of Mughlai cuisine.

Even though the locals tried to keep the dishes completely Indian, there was an inevitable Persian influence on it resulting in a beautiful amalgamation of the two cuisines. This has given us the current Mughlai cuisine as we have it today. While biryanis and soolas were predominantly non-vegetarian, dal-baati and choorma are the best options that are available for the vegetarians. This makes for a well all-rounded range of dishes that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people from all walks of life. This surely makes Mughlai cuisine one of the most loved in India that must be given its due recognition. More details are available at that will give you detailed information.

3.     Tamilian Cuisine

Tamilian cuisine is basically the cuisine that is portrayed as South Indian cuisine in all the major cities of India. It is most famous for its breakfast dishes like idli, dosa, sambhar, chutney and uttapam that provide you with the true taste of the South. Although traditionally these dishes are served only in breakfast, now in modern times, they are served at all times of the day owing to popular demand. This clearly reflects the high level of popularity that is enjoyed by Tamilian cuisine.

If you want to get a taste of the real lunch and dinner fare available, then you should go for Chettinad cuisine. This is a special type of cuisine that was developed from the Chettiar community who were moneylenders from Tamil Nadu and they traded with places as far away as South East Asia. Their fish and chicken dishes are especially popular although there is something that is available for vegetable lovers as well. Varuval, poriyal and kuzambu are the common terms that are mainly associated with this type of cuisine and can be applied to most of its gastronomic delights.

4.     Andhra Cuisine

Andhra cuisine is extremely tasty and includes hot and tangy thrills. The most important dish is Pulihara that is basically tamarind rice that is served with green chilies. Telugu pickles are particularly hot and spicy and leave you wanting for more if you love their burst of flavors. They are also famous for their fried poppadums and cool curds. Andhras have their special variety of dosas that are especially crispy and tasty. It is called pessaratu and contains uppama that is a savory semolina filling found inside this delectable pancake.

While this was all about vegetarian delights, we also have special dishes for chicken and mutton lovers as well. The Hyderabadi biryani is one of the most famous biryanis that is world famous. It is green in color with spices and condiments galore and was developed in the court of the Nizam of Hyderabad and then preserved among the Muslims of Hyderabad. After having this rich and succulent dish, you can cool down the fiery flavors with local fruits like mangoes, bananas, and apples. Anab e shahi or the Hyderabadi grape is especially famous in the city and must be consumed after each serving of Hyderabadi biryani.

5.     Bengali Cuisine

Bengali cuisine is the most popular cuisine from the Eastern part of the country. This cuisine is rich in fish, rice, and lentils. Bengalis are fish lovers who are able to sift bones from fish without getting them logged in the throat. They are fish connoisseurs who will swear by their hilsa and bhetki. They also have signature dishes like potoler dolma and mochar ghonto that will bring a smile on your face with their succulent tastes. Hence, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians will love the abundant choices available in this cuisine.

Apart from the above gastronomic delights, Bengalis are also famous for their sweets. They are especially famous for their rosogolla and sandesh that are famous all over the world including Europe and America. In fact, Kolkata is an amazing place for sweet lovers. This wonderful city has some of the most delectable sweets in the world that cannot be found anywhere else in India. You must also end your meal with mishti doi or rich sweet curds that will definitely leave a sweet after taste. What a delightful way to end your meal!

From the above, it is clear that India has a lot of regional variation when it comes to gastronomic delights. Hope this article will help you decide which cuisine suits your palate the most. Bon Appetit!