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A taste of Poland here in the UK

Polish food is hearty and warming and is the sort of food that gives you a warm hug in the colder winter months. Chefs throughout Poland and the UK will be working hard in the kitchens probably on something similar to the 4 Burner Gas Oven that you can find available on to create dishes from dumplings to doughnuts.


Here are some of the top dishes you may want to try if your travels ever take you to Poland or you decide to visit one of the many Polish restaurants here in the UK.


Pierogi – Dumplings

These impressive filled dumplings can be served boiled, fried or baked. They are similar to gnocchi and are potato-based dumplings that can be filled with your filling of choice. The most popular includes a pork style mixture and also dessert-based pierogi with seasonal fruit such as blueberries and strawberries in the filling.


Rosol – Chicken Soup

This is most common type of soup served in Poland and is often served with noodles. It is an incredibly easy recipe with main ingredients being water, chicken, onion, leek, celery, parsley, cabbage and salt and pepper for seasoning.


Golabki – Cabbage Roll

Cabbage leaves are used in this dish to wrap a minced pork, rice, onion and mushroom mixture. The cabbage leaves act a bit like a tortilla wrap to hold the filling. Other options include a poultry meat base and also mixtures that are meat-free.


Bigos – Hunter’s Stew

This a hearty dish served throughout the year but popular during the winter months. It combination cabbage, spicy sausage, your meat of choice, mushrooms and a few other ingredients to create a beautiful aromatic dish.


Polish Croissant cookies

These traditional croissants are made from puff pastry and contain a jam filling. As well as being served as a dessert option these little sweet treats are also popular as a snack.


Paczki – Doughnuts

This dish is Poland’s doughnut style sweet treat option. Much like our doughnuts they are topped with sugar and you can find a whole range of fillings, with the most popular in Poland being a rose. Other options include custard, chocolate and strawberry jam. They are traditionally eaten on Fat Thursday which indicates the begin of Lent in Poland.

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That is just a short list of a whole range of dishes available for you to try in the Polish cuisine.