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Why Beta Alanine Causes Itchiness and How to Stop It

Beta-alanine is one of the best pre-workout supplements for improving performance, increasing muscle endurance, delaying fatigue, and building muscle mass. The supplement has gained popularity beyond the athlete field as many people have realized its benefits. Besides the physical benefits, beta-alanine is also known for boosting brain power and mood. However, there is a common side effect that many people experience when using this amino acid. Many people get a tingling or itchy feeling that goes away quickly. This tingling feeling has triggered a lot of misinformation that beta-alanine is dangerous and causes nerve damage. Before you assume it, it is crucial to understand the reason behind the itchy feeling. So, why does pre workout cause an itching sensation? The following questions and answers will help you know what causes the itching and how to stop it.

Why Does Beta-alanine Cause the Itchy Feeling?

There is no definite answer to why beta-alanine causes itchiness. However, according to scientists, the feeling is called paresthesia which relies on the activation of G-protein-coupled receptors that transmit signals through the nervous system. In short, beta-alanine is an amino acid that triggers nerve endings, causing the tingling feeling. However, this feeling is not painful. Beta-alanine activates the sensory neurons on the skin, which leads to itchiness. Nonetheless, the feeling is harmless and varies with individuals. It does not wreck your nervous system or pose any health risk to the users.

Can You Stop the Itchiness?

The feeling does not last more than 15 minutes. However, its intensity will depend on the experience and dosage. If you have been using beta-alanine for some time, your body may get used to the feeling such that you don’t feel much intensity compared to a person using it for the first time. If you use a higher dose, you may experience more itchiness than a person using a small quantity. Therefore, it is recommendable to split your dosage into small amounts and take it throughout the day to alleviate itchiness. Try different doses to see how it reacts, and take the correct dosage.

How Long Does the Feeling Last?

As mentioned, the feeling can take around 15 minutes. It feels like needles or pins piercing through the skin. Some people can feel it for even an hour, while others may not feel it at all. Therefore, how long it lasts depends on individuals and dosage. It starts from the next and shoulders after taking beta-alanine and fades away with time. You need to know that this is just a feeling, nothing else. Many people back it up with the misconception that it damages the nervous system. However, the truth is that this side effect does not pose any health risks.

Key Takeaways

Beta-alanine indeed causes itchiness moments after taking it. However, the itchiness is not painful and goes away quickly. According to studies, beta-alanine is excellent and most effective in improving performance, inhibiting fatigue and increasing muscle endurance. Therefore, you will enjoy numerous benefits if you can stand the itchiness. Try eliminating or reducing its intensity by splitting your dosage until your body gets used.