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7 Tequila Cocktails You Must Try in Your Life

Do you love partying? Who doesn’t right? Some of the most amazing times in our lives were when we were at the bar drinking shots. Those days of being young might be over for some and the stool is no longer their favorite.

Now, they like hanging down by the pool and drinking cocktails. If you’re more of the person for this, then take a look at this article and see some outstanding cocktails made of tequila that you simply must try before you go. Read on and see what they are.

1. Tequila Sunrise

It’s best to start with the most famous one, right? You have surely heard about this and chances are great you tried it once in your life. The hip-hop group Cypress Hill even made a song about it that was ultra-popular in the 90s. See in more details how it is done here.

To make one is really simple. All you need aside from the main drink we’re talking about here is orange juice and grenadine. You mix all of them with the grenadine added last. This is the main ingredient because it makes the glass look like it’s sunrise inside, and at the same time, it denounces the citrus from the juice.

2. Brave Bull

Let’s say you’re eager to drink something and have fun, but your friends demand you have a peaceful cup of coffee first. Instead of ordering some boring espresso, order the Brave Bull.

It is a “Blanco” tequila and a Kahlua. They are mixed together well and the glass looks like inside is a black ingredient that looks like coffee. Sure there’s nothing similar inside, but you can still play in front of your friends. There’s no rule, of course, you can still ask for a shot of espresso inside and really have a special mix of this kind. See more about different types here:

3. Envy

This one is perfect while you’re resting on the beach somewhere by the ocean and you’re looking in the blue distance where the sea and the sky touch together. The Envy is made blue and matches this picture.

It is made of Curacao and pineapple juice. Curacao gives the skylight blue color to the whole thing and the pineapple provides the amazing exotic taste. It’s best served with a cherry on top so the decoration is perfect.

 4. Bloody Maria

How about the Mexican version of the Bloody Mary cocktail? The Bloody Maria is just like the famous one but made with tequila. It’s called this because it looks like it’s bloody, of course.

Lots of ingredients are placed in this one so you can as well call it a salad instead of a drink. There’s Tabasco sauce, tomatoes, pepper, mustard, lime, and horseradish. It’s served with lemon, cucumber, or both as a garnish.

5. Sangrita

Sangrita should not be confused with the Spanish Sangria that’s a wine-based beverage. This one is using squeezed lime, orange juice, grenadine, and hot sauce. It is often served with a slice of jalapeno pepper.

The type of tequila is white, but Riazul is good too because it’s a blue type and will get an interesting flavor. Originally the color is orange, but it can get an even more interesting look.

6. El Diablo

El Diablo, or the Devil, is an interesting mix of beer and tequila. It is for those who really like to taste something strong. Aside from these two that we mentioned, there’s lime juice inside and half an ounce of crème de cassis. Unless you feel strong enough to take this, it’s better to avoid the Devil.

7. Margarita

Maybe the most famous of them all is the Margarita. It is a very strong drink but the taste is amazing and that’s why a lot of people don’t realize they’ve had enough of it and they get really drunk.

Inside is Cointreau and one ounce lime juice, but there is also 1.5 ounces tequila too, so it is one of the strongest among the most famous of the cocktails. This one is a must for everyone who loves tequila. If you never tried this, you can’t consider yourself a fan.