5 Top Thai Dishes You Need to Try

Whether you are on a trip in which you need to train your taste buds to savor new delicacies, or you are a gourmand who lives for the art of fine dining, we introduce to you a few dishes you should not miss out on. The dishes discussed in this

Serve kokis at festivals

Each country has its festivals and traditional or historical dates to celebrate. People gather together and have fun. They have special dance, fireworks, serve special foods, wear customs and various kinds of ways to celebrate those occasions. Read more about kokis at www.epersianfood.com These things to show their happiness is

7 Tequila Cocktails You Must Try in Your Life

Do you love partying? Who doesn’t right? Some of the most amazing times in our lives were when we were at the bar drinking shots. Those days of being young might be over for some and the stool is no longer their favorite. Now, they like hanging down by the

Should You Do Intermittent Fasting While on Keto?

A quick look at the benefits and risks of keto fasting. By: Fresh n’ Lean, the nation’s largest organic meal delivery company If you are on the keto diet, you might be thinking, “Jeez, this is pretty hard enough.” I mean, the keto diet is generally restrictive, since you’re slashing carbs and

What to Look for in a Vegan Friendly Product?

What should you look for when you’re shopping for vegan-friendly options?  How do you tell a vegan-friendly product from one that isn’t?  The issue is complicated because there’s currently very little legal oversight in labeling products as truly vegan-friendly.  Nevertheless, this article will endeavor to give you a few points

10 facts that can make you obsessed with Aquavit

Aquavit also known as akvavit is produced on a high scale in Scandinavia. It has been produced there from the 15th century. What aquavit basically is, that it a distilled water that has been taken out from grains and potatoes. It has been flavored using a variety of herbs. Aquavit

Five Health Benefits of Eating Sushi

The ingredients in sushi contain many benefits that contribute to your overall health. Inside the different types of dishes in sushi restaurants, from handrolls to nigiri to sashimi, contains all sorts of nutrients and minerals with robust health benefits. Benefits of fish Fish, raw or cooked, have so many benefits

5 Ways to Tell If Your Sushi Is Fresh

When you dine at a sushi restaurant – or any restaurant that serves sushi -you expect the sushi delivered to your table to be delicious and fresh. Many restaurants and vendors follow strict quality assurance measures. However, there may be a time that you come across subpar sushi. Whether you’re

3 Spooky Snack Ideas For Your Next Halloween Party

Decorating your home for Halloween is a classic family activity, but decorating snacks for the holiday can be just as fun. These healthy and tasty snacks are easy to prepare and a great way to introduce kids to cooking. Check out these spooky snacks your kids and their friends will